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Formed in 1987 has become the UK’s largest specialist designer and manufacturer of Plastic Corrosion Resistant Fans of all types.

If we do not have a fan in our range to meet your exact requirements , we will design one for you, and because we are specialist designers with flexible production facilities this can be carried out quickly and normally at no extra cost.

For more information on our fan selection software for the CMVeco range visit our partners at Colasit AG

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What we Offer
  • Datasheets & Manuals
  • Consultancy Services
  • AutoCAD Drawings 2D and 3D Models Available
  • Noise Data
  • Test Certificates
  • Fan Curves

What We Offer:

Noise Data

Fan sound pressure at 1m-3m [dB(A)] and a spectrum of sound power, induct in dB can be provided

Test Certificates

All fans are issued with CE Certificates with our serial numbers and reference to the build standards employed

Data Sheets

Information on the fan construction materials, motor standards and fan performance are available on request.

Fan Curves

Performance curves with power data can be downloaded from our web site. All curves are based on performance data for testing under ISO 5801 parameters.


CMV Fan Range

Colasit Medium Pressure Ventilator (CMV) has been setting the standard on the market for over 50 years, and through constant re-engineering has enabled progressive improvements to be made.

The latest modification took place in 2009 when Colasit AG of (Switzerland) marked its 65th anniversary with the launch of the new and improved CMV model, the CMVeco Fan Range, the fan casing has now been completely re-engineered using the latest technology to give even greater efficiencies, thus further reducing running costs.

Fan Ranges

Fan Selection Software for CMVeco range – other ranges under construction

This software enables you to select fans from our CMVeco range, giving you information such as fan curves, noise data and all the required fan performance data, all with just a few crucial pieces of information, i.e. flow rate, pressure, temperature, density.

If any additional data is required please contact our sales team who will assist you making the right selection for your application. Please follow the link and the ‘Fastline option.

For more information visit our partners at Colasit AG

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